The quote we remember long after we have set the book aside. That line from a movie or song that resonates with us. The speech that inspires us with its message despite our never hearing the person who uttered it. The poem that reminds us of a special moment.

What do they all have in common? The written word. At some point all were placed in written form to be repeated and absorbed. Simple and straightforward or complex and deep, the written word has to power to motivate and inspire. It can effect change or call us back to our roots.

From the moment we began scrawling recognizable symbols on cave walls to Gutenberg's wondrous printing press and beyond, we have used written words to communicate with one another.

My goal is to use this incredible device of communication, combined with other forms, to prompt thought and, ultimately, decision. The question is, "What story would you have me tell for you?"

Christopher Roth

Christopher Roth 2009